First priority...,Priority is transparency.,Create profitability...,Create additional value.,Important is to Know "How"...,Important is to Know "Why".


A good exit starts with high quality of information and confidence in the value of the business

A solid virtual data room is the backbone of a successful transaction for the sell-side and the buy-side finding the fair company valuation


Know “why” instead of know “how”

Give meaning to the work of people, their change will be sustainable and they understand, how contributing value to your business


Drive the business

Bring transparency and confidence into the financial figures to make a turnaround


Start achieving your targets of your business plan

As an interim manager, I will increase your capacities and bring experienced and valuable sights to your business

David Rieken

An individual solution requires listening and understanding

My expertise covers managing finance and reporting, planning and forecasting, liquidity management and costing.

I have undergone through difficult situations with companies, close to illiquidity, over indebtedness, fiduciary management, covenant breaches and refinancing.

With my experience in private equity portfolio companies, I understand the problems and conflicts in the triangle of management, shareholder and financing parties.

You can benefit from my access to restructuring experts and experts in corporate successions.

I understand that a clear communication is vital to manage business and go through a successful transition phase.